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last night was wilco. the previous night i watched a man on a bike get hit by a car.

i prefer watching wilco over people getting hit.

wilco was fun. saw a guy who apparently is really into monkeys and tits. that is cool. i'm not really into monkeys.

ran into various kent people. saw big dumb face, the face has increased. saw mike b. also saw people that i avoided.

california stars works outdoors in ohio.

when i was in california we were driving from sacramento to san fran. i had just purchased another stereolab album. on the way to sacramento i listend to that. on the way back it was nighttime. it was dark. i wanted to listen to wilco. i wanted to lay my head back. i didnt get to do that. but wilco outdoors gets you close to california and even closer to chicago.

time to punch the hey.


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