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the grog shop is closing its doors.

actually the grog is moving into a new venue still called the grog

but the old doors will be closed.


here are some of the best things about the grog:

wedding present 96

luna 97

built to spill 99 - a top 5 of favorite shows

apples in stereo - just in general


imperial teen - saw them during game 7 of the 2002 world series.

flin flon - fun fun

tony meda project - november of 2003

guided by voices - both shows sept. 2002

phoebe cates

necron 99

new planet

dreadful yawns

the orange whirl

miniature pop group

yo la tengo

matt and kristin met at the grog and 2 weeks ago they were married. those are a few of my memories of the grog.

gbv and built to spill being close to the best.

also at that second gbv show i heard a girl speaking.

i turned around and spoke to her.

9 months and some craziness and we are still together.

goodbye grog.


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