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in 3 short evenings we watched austin stories. a series that aired on mtv in 1997. i had never seen it before because i was not fortunate enough to have mtv in 1997. that was the same year that i also missed the vmas. meghan is a huge fan, dubbing the show - best show ever -.

back to austin stories. it didnt take me long to get interested. saturday night we watched about 5 episodes. sunday was 3 and monday was 3. of course when the "season finale" was on i wanted more.

i always want more. unless its a bad thing, i want more, need more, desire more. the thing is that more does not exist. 12 episodes. i wont expound on other things like freaks & geeks, my so called life. Nope, cause austin stories dealt with real people. People like you and me.

if you havent seen austin stories, i highly recommend that you do. enjoy chip, howard and laura.

as for tonight.. we go back to modern day television.


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