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yesterday my car had the pleasure of going on what i will now call "the tour"

"the tour" consists of the following freeways...90 east. 176 south. 480 east. 422 west. 217 south. 71 north. 480 east. 90 west.

my car was so happy to get introduced to "the tour" that it decided to make a grinding sound from the right wheel well.

So, upon waking this morning i left in a snap. started the car {no tour today} and drove about 50 ft with the same sound. in all honesty griding isn't really it but that doesn't matter.

i went back indoors and waited for meghan to get up {i forget to mention how she followed me home for the last leg yesterday evening. she was exhausted, wanted to stay at her house...this is one reason on why she is the best girfriend ever, plus she isn't an english or art major} so, meghan woke up and was going to follow me to the gas station and then drop me off at work {the car would stay at the station and get fixed}

i drove a few miles and noticed that the noise was gone. made me feel crazy. so, i pulled over and told meghan she could go home and i would drive the car to work.

since then, no problem.

i love my car.

built to spill at the agora sept 22nd...


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