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anybody like atari? after a week of wondering i finally figured out my atari problems. now, 80 plus games and the 2600 is back in action. i haven't had a party in a long time. those times are about to end.

as for the rest. watched the indians lose on saturday.

received 5 new dvds over the weekend.

went to the barn 3 times, i need to start doing more.

had a great time with my girl. saturday night we went out for pizza. sunday i met her at work for lunch and told some dude with a palm pilot off. more barn, some atari and sleeping late.

one more thing. on saturday night i dreamed that we were married. meghan called garth from the loft to let him know. if anyone knows who garth is you will understand just how strange of a dream it was. good, but strange.

life is good. not strange, just good.


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