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the new pornographers are my new favorite band. last night we went to the beachland to see them. this was all because i like neko case and i trust the good ship matador. np did not disappoint. taking all the good things pop and placing them among the beach balls and good humor of going "ape shit" in columbus, the new pornographers played flawless pop. we left the show happy, almost stunned. i am finally going to purchase some np later this week and i think you should too.

modest mouse tomorrow.

some other things...a really awful band called the organ opened the show. chicks that looked like boys but that don't like boys. they sounded like the smiths. they were awful. the lonesome organist played between. having seen the organist over the years, i was dissapointed with his lack of something...exactly what i am not sure. one of the cousins was also there. naked and i were hoping she would approach us but she didnt and we were/are sad.


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