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finally saw modest mouse. good show. i understand why people like this band. they could have played longer, thats really my only complaint. that and the agora being way hot. good thing i wore shorts. right before the radar brothers started i went to get us more beer and bumped into tracy beth allen. she came up from dayton for the show. she is a big part of why i started liking modest mouse in the first place. it was cool to see her. its always cool to see her. after the show some tool frat boy almost fell into meg. one of his moronic friends called her pigtails. meg has that look of the keep it like a secret album. she looks good with the hair pulled back. however that gives nobody the right to call her pigtails. i pity the next fool that calls her pigtails. while walking to the car we watched a boy try to hurdle a parking meeter. he was also very tool like. we laughed. stupid idiot.

i bought our built to spill tickets. i want it to be sept 22nd now. i don't want to wait. two tickets for 10.00, you cannot beat that. especially since built to spill is good, way better than 5.00 good. i'll talk more about that as the day approaches.

summer schedule now looks like this:

flaming lips on the 31st.

and radiohead 3 weeks later.

hopefully we will take in a gbv show between all of that.

this weekend is going to be good. today i am helping meg finish painting her room. that means i get to do the tour. tomorrow or sunday we are going to see lucy. i think we also may stop at a local mall. oh yeah, lots of moving. wont really matter, as long as we are doing it together i wont care about much more. happy already.

i made a joke about the next six months. that puts us around december. thats not the joke. infact, i dont think any of it is a joke. this makes sense to me and no one else, at least not right now.


any takers?


how about now??


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