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thinking about ice cream. thinking about the soreness throughout my back (this being the worst pain i have felt in just over two years). thinking about just how good she is with the atari paddles. thinking about the lyrics to twin falls idaho and how in some twisted fate they could have something to do with the movie.

a good weekend. should say more.

today i will start reading -a heartbreaking work of staggering genius- again.

i'll write more later.

I guess now is as good a time as any. so, over the weekend i helped meghan move. i packed boxes, moved drawers, carried a dresser to the truck. collected gargbage, swept dust, loaded my car. unloaded both cars. all the moving led me to thinking about how i have almost been in lakewood for 2 years. my time spent in kent was 7 years. in those 7 years i lived in 4 different places. in my near 2 years in lakewood i have stayed in one place. i am highly considering leaving that place and going someplace else. i am also considering moving out of lakewood. i am not sure where i would go but the thought is happening. if anything, i will leave my apartment and move to a house. even though with my current rent id be better off buying a house.

other things... we went out to dinner friday and saturday...saturday was my treat. spent yesterday with lucy and newt. i went to my first tact {sp?} store, very neat. amazed at just how much stuff one can buy for a horse. i dig the world of horses.

that is all for now.


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