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last night.alone. i played in the rain. soaked my shoes in the puddles. felt like i was 5 all over. nobody was around to see it.

the solon motel has vacacny and a live band. it used to be vacancy and free hbo.

went to bed at 9:30. woke up to thunder above my house. almost literally scared the crap out of me. i slept with the phone. i dont like sleeping alone. i hit redial. i was calmed and went back to sleep.

i went grocery shopping. i hate doing that alone. i am big on postponing that until it needs to be done. the time prior to this i bumped into sloop tom d. this time they had the dairy lane blocked off because of the rain.i really needed ice cream. i left with chicken breasts and a box of tea. i still want ice cream.


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