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back at it again.

10 months and counting...

yesterday...2 malls.

one for indians tickets. really good seats, 1st base line and really close.

the other mall was out of love

watched bad reality tv.

meghan came over after work. i like the brown shirt she wore. i like the denim skirt. i, enough about that. we watched more bad tv.

we went to bed at 11:00.

meghan told me about her friend from chicago that is coming in for about 48 hours in september. im excited to meet her. im even more excited about the prospect of meeting her at the greyhound station at 1:00am. that really is the best way for meeting people.

i really want to see a show. i know we just saw modest mouse and that the flaming lips are next week...i want something now.

today i must do laundry. im almost out of everything. i also must watch the second night of the bad fox hotel show. i might rent the cancun movie to go along with it.

want to say more but need to start working.


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