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my wrist hurts. i need to keep this short.

yesterday - it may as well have been a weekend.

following work {4 hours of work!}i did the tour. buzzed out to medina. went food shopping with my girl and her mom. her mom bought and made me steak. after that meg and i went to the barn. turned newt and truman out. truman is also a horse. never thought id write about horses. in addition to this horse talk...i am currently reading seabiscut. next weekend we will see the movie.

went home and played atari.

as for then the indians game. the indians play like crap. they are playing the twins. growing up i was all about minnesota. i loved the northstars and the twins. 15 years ago i would have loved to see the twins play. now i just hope the teams fight. funny how things change.

following the game {game is with dad} we {this being me and my girl} are going to watch the real cancun...believe me we are much cooler than that. but we are watching that movie, drinking beer and eating chips and salsa.

not a bad life at all.


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