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been thinking a lot today about movies. mainly about how so little excites me anymore. first off, my girlfriend is not a fan of movies. she is not the type who on a given weekend wants to rent movies. on top of that she has a bizarre fear of block buster. because of this i dont rent or see the amount of movies that i used to. i honestly used to rent maybe 8-10 a week. this started because of my love for dvd. everything i saw on video just had to be rented on dvd.

secondly, the cost of going to see a movie is way too much. when i can go see live music for a cheaper ticket than a movie, something is wrong. because of that i rarely bother with going to the theater to see anything.

now, the other problem is so little excites me. i dont think of myself as a movie snob but for the current market all i see is crap. this year i have been to the theater twice. the first time was for the new x-men movie...loved it. the second was for a might wind, good movie but i could have waited for the dvd. Last year I saw jackass and gangs of new york. I may have seen stuff that summer but I cannot recall.

As for renting, I havent rented a lot lately just cause the selection is bad. I did rent punch drunk love and was surprised by just how good of a film it was. i am sure i rented a few things in between but i can't remember any of them. i did rent adaptation and i thought that was crap.

i dont know if the industry is in a slump or if i expect far too much from a movie.

a taste of film - last 5 dvds purchased


wedding singer


american history x

oceans eleven

based on that its hard for me to even think of what i really like. i guess that i am really into drama, i need a movie to mean something, to say something. i need a movie to want me to watch it again. fight club falls into that category. american beauty falls in. so does office space...laurel canyon does not.

i dont need a movie to be all serious and i dont need depressing either, i just want new films to be good. i want directors to care about storyline. i want writers to care about plot. i want actors to choose roles based on creativity and substance.

this diaryland thing has a section for profiles, it asks you about your favorite bands...i come up with 4, my 5th is on rotation(today, right now.. its billy joel...52nd st billy joel) it also asks you to list your 5 favorite films, thats where this all began. i cant seem to do it. i can no longer pick 5 favorites. sure, i love the star wars chapters 4,5,6. i enjoy the godfather and goodfellas, but when i meet someone does it matter if they have seen these films? no, it doesnt. maybe the film thing is passing me by. i still read reviews and i keep hoping that things will get better... that a surge will hit and keep me going to blockbuster and earning my free rental every month.

ok. enough. i just killed 30 minutes of a 10 hour no lunch day.


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