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that is two days in a row with two entries. bizarre.

so, yesterday i was doing some searching and i came along a website that listed kids i went to grade school with. the website was for the class of 1993, my graduating class. in this site were pictures of some of the girls i liked when i was growing up. i was a sad looking kid. i got picked on a lot. i had no luck with girls at all. anyways, i found some pictures and taste back then really sucked. maybe it was my total lack of confidence. i dont know. i have had tremendous luck over the last 8 or 9 years. i have never settled for anything less than what i feel is great. even looking back at the girls i dated or liked since 93, most of them are still hot, or super cute. granted a couple did fall the way of the crushed frog but that happens.

i dont think any of the grade school girls (i am talking 6th - 8th) ever did have it. i was just blind, thats all. at the same time i think i turned out to be a decent looking guy. i have proven that by the girls that i have dated. granted this did not happen til i was about 20.

i guess that its better to look good now than it was when i was 12.


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