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i have been asked to update this thing. reason being that i only do this 5 days a week to begin with.

so...what to say?

the new ween album is out today, i do not have money to buy it.

i want to buy a frog. the frog will cost more than the ween album.

i want to see my girl. if you knew her you would also want to see her and you wouldn't feel foolish that you saw her just yesterday.

i am having an atari party this weekend.

i am hoping guests get naked.

when i was kid i used to always get poison ivy. i want to put calamine lotion on someone.

my girl gets a new haircut today. i want to see that also.

i wore her glasses the other night and i totally understand her thing about the slopes.

blind date...becoming a new favorite show. someday you should (don't know who reads this) but you should cuddle up next to your favorite and watch blind date. its on tonight on TNN from 7-8.

toni was voted off my stupid hotel show.

that is really about it.

i want to live in medina and keep a summer home in lakewood. what to do?

anyone want to buy me a mini cooper?

right now i am all about wanting. i have a feeling that all these things that i want...i wont get to see/do/buy/whatever else/ any of them today.


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