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don't much like to get into my baseball chatter...but last night i had tickets two sections off home plate, 20 rows back, 3rd base side...and the indians won 10-6. this was my seventh game this year. they haven't won many games that i have seen so this was really cool. plus tickets were free.

not much else going on.

back here for more of this. friendster is driving me crazy. i got addicted and i am trying to detox the friendster.

i am ready now for the weekend...bring it on.

it is possible that the friday after radiohead we will drive to six flags to ride some coasters...

the new target in university heights is 2 stories and has an escalator that moves your cart from one floor to another...this i must see.

i am really liking the new john mellencamp...

i will add that to the list of things people can buy me. the album reminds me of the doug martsch solo album of last year. dudes doing what they want.

last night i wanted cable breasts on the movie channels and i got was all pg-13. bummer. i still want cable breasts, or real or whatever...oh to be 13 again..

the i want list:

i want a mini cooper.

i want the new ween album.

i want to see gbv.

i want to see radiohead.

i want to go to six flags.

i want to get surprised at home before summer ends.

i want the john mellencamp album.

i want the new doug coupland book.

i want to see female breasts.

i want to have lunch outdoors again .

before summer ends i want to see 8 more baseball games.

these are all very short term wants and for the most part, excluding the cooper i think they can happen.

on that note i am going to call this fin.


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