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finally friday.

i was able to wake with my girl next to me. that is as close to the best stuff as you can get. i awoke, stalled for about 30 minutes. showered, rubbed her back kissed her goodbye and eventually arrived here.

so my weekend...i have little money for anything. tonight i am going to medina to hang out with my girl. i am hoping we can do as little as possible. maybe grab some food, maybe go to target...maybe buy a vcr and watch a movie in her room. i will not leave until i am told.

tomorrow is my atari party. unsure about how that is going to go. invited about 30 people. i have only heard from 10-15. either way, lots of atari all night long.

sunday i am hoping to see horses.

6 days til gbv

13 til radiohead

lots of rock.


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