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the bones in my eyelids ache. i need more rest. the atari party was a success. just the right number of people. i want to elaborate but i have work to do and my eyes hurt. party got rolling near 11:00 and was put to a stop at 4:00 am. still, we didnt get to sleep until 5:30. rob lucas scored 32,000 on ms. pac-man. paul h. showed stamina on a variety of games. meghans friend stan displayed some skill on maze craze. ben took the title on stampede. sara won on frogger. matt cassidy was not the threat that all claimed he would be. so far its just an atari update...i want to talk about the party...that will have to wait.

rest of weekend...had lunch with meg yesterday and went to the barn last night. went to sleep at 10:30 last night.

fun week ahead.

more gbv.

a large bell.

the newport aquarium.

good stuff.

sorry for the lameness in this update.


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