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hey. never, never ever. i mean never have i dated a girl who likes gbv enough to download a song and drive around for 30 minutes so we can try and figure out the words. i still remember gbv at the phantasy show (i believe the last phantasy show..first for do the collapse} anyways, me and the guys all wishing we could meet a gbv girl. that was the icing on the cake, the head on the beer. good stuff. sure, you have those "ive seen em once, or "my ex dragged me to see them" or "i own the my valuable hunting knife album" or "play chasing heather crazy" get the idea. meg beats that to rest. she is a rocker.

sheets is my new favorite take out. i have had fries with cheese and a hamburger and its all been quality. makes me want to live in either kent or medina.

today i get to see the parents and then venture back to medina. ill see the lake tomorrow afternoon, then thursday ill be back in medina so we can leave for newport. i live out of my backpack in a 98 ford escort that is nearing 100,000 miles.

hotel show is getting really stupid. i love it.



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