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show 26. kentucky. the crowd sucked. gbv played the same songs they have been playing for months, granted they still rocked. scored the setlist. i have a streak of 2.

newport is interesting. hotel was pathetic. bullet holes sprayed the inside of the elevator. ice machine on 3rd floor did not work. however, a quarter mile from the show...that part rocked.

some dude told bob i was the number 1 gbv fan. for all the travel, money spent on albums, and other shit, i should be in the top 10.

friday meghan and i went to the aquarium, very cool. newport is interseting and cool.

we didnt get home til after 8 on friday. saturday i rested and had lunch with meghan.

after lunch i stopped at my generation and bought earthquake glue (the newest gbv album). i also bought the new magnet...they listed the top 60 albums of the last 10 years...i will comment on this later in the week.

as for earthquake glue...good stuff all around, i dig the sticker but i still wish for lyrics. the album is an insant bag of grabbing hits. i already have favorites and i am sure that day to day those will change. lets all hope meghan wins the contests because i did not.

saturday night was pauls party...i enjoyed that. i am glad that after almost a year i am finally hanging out with meghans friends. a few people in attendance gave me the rundown of me looking like the following people...guy from donnie darko, guy from american pie (the pie guy) and the guy from igby goes down).minus the part about me feeling somewhat old i had a really good time.

old...28 yrs. 28 is not old. 33 is not old. anyways, trapped in the 23 yr old looking body...but being 28. sometimes its weird...i feel like that good uncle who can tell kids...i remember when they played the grog shop...or, i skipped radiohead at the odeon in high school. its just odd. its cool cause i look young, but bizarre when i sit and think how far i am from being 22-23...whatever.

sunday i again went for lunch. meghan had pizza and i had fries and because i am a terrible boyfriend i did not pay for her food. i love her. the indians won in 12. i also bought...whoops, we bought the blind date dvd 3 pack. meghan came over after work and we watched that. she spent the night (very cool to get 2 nights in a row) and here i am today.

as for the power outage...we were in kentucky...watched it on the news.

radiohead is on thursday...i am excited.

in other job has changed our work hours. from now in its either 6-3, 6:30-3:30 or 7-4. this is good, but also bad for those nights spent in medina. starting next week i will be getting up around 4:45. the nice thing is i will be home every day at 3:30...goodbye traffic.



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