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2nd entry today.

it has been over 2 years since my grandpa passed away. i don't think a single day has passed that I don't think of him. Monday night I was driving back from Medina. I was thinking about how good everything in my life has become. It's funny because things got good only about 1 month before he passed. He helped im me buying my ford which will turn 100,000 miles sometime tomorrow or friday. Anyways, I wanted to tell him about Meghan. I wanted to tell him how I am into horses. I wanted to tell him that I met a dog just as cool as cargo. He would always listen. He would ask questions. He would want to know if meghan is italian. I would tell him no, but...he would be happy that she is Irish. When the blackout happened i kept thinking of him swearing in italian and how funny it would have been. I eat chocolate licorice frequently, more than i did a couple years back. I do it because it was his favorite. I am sorry if this is rambling ,my grandpa was cool. My eyes swell frequently, they are swelled right now. I feel bad because I hardly go and see my grandma anymore. I have a hard time going in the house. I call and see her at other events, but its tough. Just like when I go see my parents and they are not home and the house is silent. I miss cargo just the same. I was able to get over that. Two xmas's ago my aunt georgianne gave me a framed photo of my grandpa from his days in the army. I have it displayed in my living room. I keep it there so he can watch the indians with me, I haven't watched a game alone this season. I want to know what he would think about the browns not starting tim couch, or the blame that first energy took for the power outage...2 of 3 son in-laws work there. feels good to write about this. thats all. thanks for reading.


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