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sometimes it is such a struggle to get words on this page. i found out that the train cars that i have are worth 125.00 each at minumum value. that rocks. i will get a tattoo and put some money away.

my allergies have been acting up but a lady that i work with hooked me up with zyrtec and singulair.

i keep thinking about my "i want" list from weeks back. someday soon i will update that.

its hard telling someone to forget about the past and to move forward. i have been duped by girls before and in the end i was stronger. it took me years to find out exactly what i want and need. in between that time it was full of trial and error. i now have the best girl in the world.

so...the new work schedule. days when i wake up alone i am getting here by 6:30. other days i am arriving at 7:00. so far it isn't all that bad. i would much prefer to be arriving at 7:00.

been having weird dreams lately. one involved me getting married. i can't remember much of that one.

my 10 year H.S. reunion is in a few weeks. i still need to decide if i am going to that.

i think that is it for now. gas prices suck and the blackout may have started 2 miles from where i grew up. land ho.


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