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another note:

yesterday, dropping a movie off at blockbuster...a woman in a S.U.V. type thing almost plowed into me {me the person, not me the car}, she was maybe 1 ft. from nailing me. it would have been bad for me...luckily someone in the parking lot began yelling and honked a horn actually pressed on the horn, only then did she react. i did some yelling and tossed my arms up like a good italian boy would but my general shock of what was happening most likely hindered all of that. it freaked me pretty good and i spent a couple minutes catching my breath. whats weird is that the previous night i watch the coma thing and then that happens (oddly enough taking back the coma movie) and then we watch the crazy "buy this caskett show"

i plan on living til at least 77. at least. deal with me.



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