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utterly pointless. killing time.

cleveland...lately i have noticed that on many bands are skipping the cleveland area. a couple years ago as i awoke from a long sleep i was able to catch Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Beachland. Funny thing is that I was at the grog watching some indie band when Matt cajoled me into going to the beachland...he had me on the list and blah, blah, blah. So i went and saw BRMC, quickly became one of the best bands i had seen that year. I really like BRMC. they have a new album out tuesday and are doing a lengthy tour that does not include c-town. in fact, none of the ohio c's are on the tour...what gives?

my morning jacket and kings of leon are also passing up cleveland.

i didnt mind one bit going to michigan to see belle and sebastian or stereolab...i will travel for those bands that never tour...but with the new grog, the beachland and a somewhat decent local music scene, i would expect certain bands to make the stop.

maybe i just need a little rock.

maybe i need to move.


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