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entry 2.

things in my home away from home:

crankboy and the napkids(the title for the tmp album that never was)

snootyboy and the lovegirls (the title for the tmp album that someday will be)

beatles postcard

2 gbv postcards

1 gbv poster for earthquake glue

boba fett pez dispenser

wind up walking nose

movie ticket from wilco film (sept 3rd last year...heh!)

picture of meghan with lucy and me off to the side along with the caption "Tony remains a safe distance from the dangerous animal as its handler takes control"

quotes and artwork from steve brightman.


zen rock garden thing

various coffee cups that serve as pen holders


solved jumbles

random weird web photos

indians 2003 schedule

pictures of kasey chambers

pictures of family from past thanksgivings and christmas

photo of meghan kissing my cheek from atari party.

photo of meghan writing a letter in cinci.

traveling wilburys cassette cover

wrapping paper

picture of frank j. schullo (currently m.i.a.) and cliff.

passwords for all the places i like to go.


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