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we went to pantera for lunch. i miss eating there. first time i had pantera in maybe a month or so.


tonight party of helicopters and kill the hippies are playing at the lime spider.

tomorrow night thursdays is having a 20 yr celebration party bash thing with all drinks being priced at 1983 prices. i want to go to thursdays. the only thing somewhat stopping me is knowing full well the amount of ex-girlfriends...makeout girls...girls i liked...all in one place. granted, last time i went (oddly enough almost a year ago) was tons of fun.

get to do some house duty in walton hills while the parents are at play.

plan on buying some records this weekend. that and maybe some dvds. i am back in the money after weeks without. may have to hit target also and buy whatever catches my eye.

i taped my stupid hotel show and watched it last night. worked better taping. for one thing i dont know anyone who watches the show so any chance of something being told to me is none and i could fast forward through the really stupid parts.

why isnt family ties available on dvd? every other show ever is out on dvd...i dont get it at all.

grasp on nothing.





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