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another monday. my weekend was so/so. friday night i had cliff and vicki over and we watched american beauty and fast times. that was fun. we had pizza and good ice cream. around 1:00 am tracy allen showed up. we hung out til about 3:00.

saturday i didnt do much. i did go out for dinner late night and that was cool.

sunday was looking to be a repeat of saturday and i was severly bummed cause of it. i swear, i am so used to just not being around 27 on the weekends. at 1:00 i went out to the barn and meghan brought newt home for the 1st time ever. i hung out and took some pictures. it was cool.

eventually she took newt back to the barn and gave him a bath. i spent that time thinking about all my trips to the barn and how for sometime it seemed natural. over the past few weeks i have seen the barn very little. anyways, it felt great to be.

after the barn i went back to meghans. i ate a yogurt. i also had a small piece of chocolate. we watched some show from the WB called felecity...apparently its an old show...but we saw the pilot episode. meghan said she used to be into the show.

we also watched trading spaces...been forever since we did that. we cuddled and kissed and wathced doug do his thing. NYLONS!

i went home at 9 because i said i was tired. when i got home at 9:30 i wasnt as tired as i thought so i collapsed on the couch and ate chips.

i know at the start i said the weekend was so/so. in the end it wasnt all that bad. maybe i wanted to rock but i was able to see friends and my girl and thats really all i needed.


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