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mornings start early. i crawl and snooze. then shower. tv turns itself on. i catch some news. turn on a light. get dressed. put my socks on while sitting on my bed. find shoes, grab lunch. turn off a light. grab my bag and exit. the tv shuts itself off at 5:40 am.

everyday becomes routine. 3 weeks into this. arriving near 6:00 maybe 6:10. getting home and thinking about what to do from 3:30 til whenever.

yesterday i came home and removed my shirt and socks. i crashed on the couch. woke up at a quarter til 6. phone rang. with my kind heart i helped someone make a tough decision. this is all confidential.

i had a chicken breast for dinner. i used some of that spicy jack daniels sauce. that stuff is good.

meghan paid a visit. she took a mini nap, very different from a mini van. we watched some tv. it was fun. lots of fun. we had ice cream...thanks for leaving me that double caramel ice know who you are.

sometime after 10 it was time for meghan to go home. i walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight. she calls when she gets home. i hardly remember those conversations. so, around 11:30 or so my phone rang. i gave a sleepy hello and mummbled some stuff. she was home. i was sleepy and she was safe. i thanked her for something... most likely for calling.


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