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wed. sept 10. 2003. all that stuff is evident with the date at the top. i dont care.

yesterday was great. all in all a great day. work was fun and fast.

following work meghan came over. we hung out and went to target and the mall. we picked up smoothies from a place up the street from me. we watched some baseball and caught last weeks episode of the real world.

she left a bit after 10:30.

in other news:

the shins are coming...thats cool.

my 10 year reunion is this saturday. i am not going. i could say its because of conflicting plans or i could put it on the cost of the entire thing. in all honesty i dont want to go. high school was a living hell for me. i am sure it was for most but from the end of my 2nd year to graduation day i dealt with some serious humiliation that over the years really ruined whatever that 4 yr deal was supposed to be. since that time my life has been need to go and rekindle all that imaginary crap.

bought the new black rebel motorcycle club...its good, not great but good.

havent listened to the new gbv in well over a week...wonder if that means anything?

built to spill is soon. that makes me very happy.

i want the weekend now.

actually i want rock and roll shows with my rock and roll friends.

that is really it. i am beyond tired to keep telling whatever boring stories are happening in my life.


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