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it is an odd occurrence that on a weekday i feel the need to drink. sure, i have the occasional beer but at 2:00 pm on a wed and all i can think of is alcohol. i wanted to just go home, take off my work clothes and engulf myself in i want to drink. i almost feel like drinking heavily.

i dont know if its the stress of work..wait...that is what it is. usually work does not get to me...maybe its cause yesterday was such a fantastic day...its all bullshit. i want to leave and get drunk. i would prefer so many other situations beyond this one.

i would get into it more and get all specific with details but my job is just like everyone has its ups and it sure does have its downs.

the sad part is tomorrow is only thursday. that means 2 more days. 17.5 hours to go. i want to scream. i need a rock!


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