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this could be a total waste.

work is slow so i have time to kill.

last night meghan came over. we hung out on the couch and watched tv. i rubbed her shoulders and neck.

we also hung out in my room and i tried (not sure cause i lost sight) to kill a spider.

see...this is boring. i found my lost copy of nothing wrong with love. i am so looking forward to seeing built to spill. its a pretty good year when i can say in the end that i was able to see gbv, wilco, built to spill, the shins and ween...all favorites. i never really list the shins as a favorite cause they only have 1 album and i have only seen them once. the thing is, that 1 album was my favorite of 2001 and it hasn't lost any ground. magnet voted it #60 of the top 60 of the last 10 years.

ween used to be a favorite. i havent listened to them all that much since landing in lakewood. my ex was a huge ween fan. she lived for ween, pixies and b-boys. for whatever reason i distanced myself from ween. well, thats all done. i need to get the new ween album. i am excited to hear piss up a rope, aids, all that good shit.

built to spill is a top 5 favorite of mine. that band blows me away. just after i met meghan we took a drive to columbus to see doug martsch. that entire night was great. great cause at the time we hardly knew eachother. we were able to lock ourselves in a car and get all comfortable. i remember after the show when i dropped meghan off she didnt kiss me. it was weird. i think she thinks i didnt like her...funny girl!

last time i saw built to spill was sept. 11th 2001...what an odd occasion that was. i got to meet doug and i talked with him. later that night built to spill played a show that i will never forget for many, many reasons. after the show i hung out with the opening band called the delusions. they gave me a free cd. i like them...they are opening for bts later this month, should be fantastic.

last week i picked up the new black rebel album and an e.p. by my morning jacket. that jacket band is the big hype. i am not sure how i feel about them.

been getting into vh-1 classic. caught videos from bob mould, pixies, u2, replacements and wham! yesterday. i had to remind meghan that wham! had a song called freedom and george michael also had a song called freedom..freedom 90. the songs are nothing alike.

o.k. time has been killed. hope you are still awake.


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