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OK. taking a stab at an entry. i deleted what i wrote earlier. after i read it a couple times i began to want to keep it personal. good chance ill delete this later on.

i have another hour left of the 40 week. this is easily one of the worst weeks i have ever worked.

i went and saw stomp last night. was very cool.

i am going to a friends wedding tomorrow. i am not bringing anyone. it will be very weird going alone. the reception was changed from akron to fairlawn so i will be in medina most of the night.

sunday i bought a ticket to see the indians play against boston. i wanted to go to the last game of the season since opening day.

i might try and see the new movie with christinia ricci and my twin jason biggs.

right now all i want to do is sleep. i dont have anything happening tonight and i am hoping to find something to keep me busy and my mind off things. anyone knows of anything please give me a call!! or hell...just call

being depressed sucks. i usually dont get this way. usually being no nore than a day here or whatever

eventually the hip, fun side of tony will return.

and the chicago cubs will beat every team in the leauge - the mtn. goats. lets see that happen!


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