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so...the weekend...watched the road to perdition...great.

spent time with the cravens. that was cool...minus the cat losing 4 inches of tail...the night was a o.k. i did find it funny when the cat came back sporting the popular pet cone around the neck.

saturday was rob and saras wedding. that was fun. i danced a bit at the reception and had a about 6 drinks. pretty cool that 2 weddings in a row and the pixies are played.

i also picked up the new ween album. love it. so glad they still have it. white pepper was a huge disappointment, it wasn't just wasn't ween. hopefully i will go see them in november.

i didnít stay at the reception very long. i was home by about 10:00. sloop and i went over to vanessas for her birthday. that was fun. met some people that like the TMP. i didnít get home from that till after 4 sunday morning.

yesterday i went to the final indians home game. they didnít play like crap but they still lost. after the game i did my usual sunday stuff...gas, bank, food. was home and bored by 6. went to bed early.

tonight is built to spill. i have been waiting for that since early august. maybe even july...they are one of my favorite bands. they rank about #2 of favorite live bands. i need to see them. plus its been just over 2 years since the last show. plus the delusions are opening. plus i have not seen a show since i saw gbv back in august.

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