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greetings from the library. this is so odd. i almost feel like i am back in school. i have this pc for the next 30 minutes. so...

on the way here i was listening to the dead milkmen on cd. i have liked them since the 5th grade and its only been since last week that i finally opted to purchase something on cd.

i keep wanting to discuss built to spill. so...the opening band at times reminded me of the fine young cannibals...that is no good!

however, it was discussed that the tmp should do a cover of "she drives me crazy" ...i have a feeling that will happen.

the delusions failed to deliver. i dont get it...i have seen them 3 times and all 3 times i have been bored. yet i own 1 cd and the cd rocks (they did manage to do a number off of the said owned album).

built to spill was good. i would have enjoyed it more had they played in the ballroom (this show was at the agora). i drank about 75 ounces of mgd prior to them going on. they did stuff from all albums including a great rendition of cortez the killer. bts is one of the few bands left that can go on stage and unleash a song for 20 minutes and i do not lose interest. really sucks cause today is one of those days where i cannot remember so much as a song title. maybe another day i will provide that info.

after the show i bought a nice poster. i am going to buy a frame for it a.s.a.p.

i ran into a few of my akron friends. was great to see them. mike brazelton finally has a phone. i spoke with him before the show and sloop and i waited at the enterance to the theater to see him. he wore the stereolab shirt that i purchased for him a couple years back. about 1/2 way through bts i found mike and we rocked out together. it was great to watch him watch them as mike is the friend who when bts played the grog called me a day late asking for a ride.

all in all it was a good night. sure, some things were weird. very odd that a year ago i was at the grog and met a special girl and then saw her last night and its only friends. very weird indeed.

so...still at the library. i still have about 20 minutes to kill. what else?

well...the other savings account that i opened back in july has been closed out. on a positive note i was able to save 400.00 without incident. i am going to take that money and spend it on shows, music and maybe some legos.

i was also able to get my deposit back for what would have been a year celebration this friday. i did lose a bit of money but not enough to lose any sleep over.

i dont think i have ever done a sideview where i had time to just write. feels good.

found out on saturday that mr. dave molnar is going to take the job of producing (ha!) the first offficial tonymedaproject album...titled: snootyboy and the lovegirls.

we are going to shoot for a weekend in rocktober and get it done. i have been waiting to do that about forever.

tonight i am going to attempt to go to 80's night. the last time i did anything close to an 80's night on a tuesday was back in kent when we would go to thursdays.

sloop tom d is here at the library. on that note i think i am going to stop and say hello. i have a feeling that all updates will come from here with all the changes going on. plus, this gives me the time to write and i dont need to minimize windows if people walk by. wed i get the hairs cut. i am going to go the shortest i have gone in about 4-5 years. it wont matter, the crap grows back in an instant.

punk rock girl!


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