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early and packed full of yawns.

yesterday i did laundry and had dinner with the cravens.

i finally found out about the horses. ok, i grabbed some confidence and asked.

she told me that lucy is a little superstar. next week she will teach her to lunge.

told me that newt has found his best friend in lucy.

happy to know all of that.

weekend...nothing happening.

a couple shows tonight...beachland and lime spider...thats it.

no baseball at all tomorrow. no friends, no shows. crap.

more later. .

i guess that now is later. i am skipping the gigantic entry for today. .

i don't know what to do. i want to see music tonight. i can head to the beachland for a fashion show with bands...i went to this last year and had a really good time...or i can go see helicopter helicopter at the lime spider...either event i am doing alone but the beachland has new planet playing...but i really want to see something new...tough stuff. .

today is my dads birthday. me being the #1 son...well, i totally forgot. i need to think of something quick. i see a trip to target in my future. my really close future. like 60 minutes from now. .

i have nothing to do after tonight. i am not looking forward to having free time. i have been keeping myself super busy and most of my friends are going out of town. saturday baseball is finished except for the playoffs and its supposed to be rainy...none of this excites me. .

who knows.


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