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mornings. mornings suck. at least lately they do. last night i opted to lay down at 6 pm...woke up at 5 am today...really didnt matter much.

baseball playoffs start this afternoon, i will be drinking by 4. i am hoping the cubs can find a way to win.

it goes like this:

minnesota/yankees - i want minnesota...yes, i have had my issues with them but i'd like to see them beat the yankees.

oakland/boston - i am all athletics at heart. i want to see them get past the 1st round...however, if boston wins i would be ok with that.

san fran/florida - florida all the way. even though florida broke cleveland in 97, i really love the marlins i am not a fan of all.

cubs/braves - cubs, cubs, cubs...braves are pathetic...have never cared for them, they play boring baseball.

i guess it comes down to me rooting for the underdog...aneheim did it last year.

"i am thinking of a guided by voices song"



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