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spent the 1st night of the playoffs in a bar. well, the first 6 innings of the 1st night game of the playoffs.

go twins!

go cubs! kerry wood is amazing. watched the entire game...looking forward to the 7:00 start tonight.

c'mon marlins...

a's/ boston begins tonight at 10:00...moments like this i wish i lived on the west coast. i am going to the 5 o'clock to watch tonights game.

have much more to say.

i get to pay rent today, i get the hairs cut and i am getting my polyphonic ticket...spoke with mike b and he is going friday night. i offered to kick his 70's lovin' ass if he didn't...

i hung out with david bates last night. he is putting together my book of poems that will finally see the light of day before the end of the year. we discussed many things. things that will end up in poems at some point or maybe even here.

i am tired and sleepy...i'll try to add more later.

we used to buy gummi by the pound and sometimes we came close to eating all of it in one sitting.



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