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a time for baseball.

a time for horse shows.

a time for roctober shows.

a time for oktober fests.

so...about 4 weeks remain, i want to ride a rollercoaster before this is over.

october that is.

granted it snowed yesterday so that chance may have already passed me by.

tonight is the polyphonic show...written heavily about in all the usual cleveland papers...i am ready to sing, dance, sway, and be happy...

tomorrow i am going to watch baseball...i might look for something outside of that...maybe ill go ride a roller coaster.

the rest of the weekend exists in the air.

oh...barry zito rocks. got my hand up her country music...he rocks.

the new survivor is good. looking forward to future episodes.

thats all from this end for now.

blue moon on the 4th of july



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