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weekends at the library.

so...all the hype that i created was realized last night as the polyphonic blew me and about 400 others off the map.

by far one of the most amazing, beautiful, thought provoking things ever. the best part is that the entire show was great. the opener- korn- something was a tmp type deal and i loved it. i am excited to see quintron...back to the show.

the second band was called the starlight mints. they reminded me somewhat of spoon but more of a spooky fun pleasure pop filled trip...very hard to explain. picked up a cd and pin of the mints. one "fan" came up to me and said he would like to eat the mints..."delicious"... i am sure.

then the wait began for poly. the mic checks took maybe 30 minutes. it didnt matter. the between music was great, some association...and other stuff that i dont want to bother to list.

eventually poly came on. that was half the would this outfit approach the stage...i was dead center maybe 4 people back...polyleader and the trombone player walked right by...before we knew it the stage was consumed, the crowd was singing about the sun and people kept turning to each as if something far greater than a show was happening. they did new songs that were instant club hits, they even did a a couple of covers. they covered 5 years which for matt, tony and tom took us back to 1996 when we all met and i wore a bud light box on my head and sang songs of jenny cardigan...also the same night i heard a band called rollerskate skinny...the only thing missing from last night was not having a girls hand to hold or a girl to kiss goodnight.

the ending of the show...i almost forgot...was unreal. poly came on for maybe 45 minutes of mind bending encores. then the harp player played alone, poly laid down...watching in amazement...i doubt ill ever stop talking about last night...i only hope that i can see them again..soon.

as for friends...the cassidy, gmetro, ken, sloop, braze, all in attendance. some old kent kids also. frank spicer and his friend gem were fun to see. frank had seen poly in london 3 years ago and had been waiting ever since. we sang together, danced together...fuck...this was perfect. i have been polyfied.

so...the new grog shop...pretty cool. like the the bar. bands sound the merch area a lot...just something weird about it. i did walk in when it was already crowded...i dont know. poles still exist...tables still exist...stand up ms. pac man/galaga...that also exists.

ok...its saturday. i have things to do and i must get home to watch baseball...mark prior tossed a 2 hitter last night...go cubs!

today the cubs, marlins and a's all have a chance to just keeps getting better.

about ideas. well...i have ideas but we will have to see.

2000 places at once.


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