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the chicago cubs

say it again!

the chicago cubs.

later today its the barry zito show...i am hoping it does not get cancelled.

remainder of my weekend...watched baseball all day saturday. the marlins/giants game is one of the best games in recent glad bonds is eliminated.

sloop came over for the cubs/braves on saturday...we ordered pizza and drank some beer.

saturday night i stayed in watching a bizarre game between the a's/redsox which ended in the 12th with a trot nixon home run...who names a kid trot? i will name my kid waltz, or canter, or many toed.

spent yesterday doing more of the, baseball, baseball...that is correct...3 games. well...actually about 2...didnt care to watch the yankees much.

also spent lots of time on the phone...talking to a girl...pretty cool.

this weekend ahead looks promising.

maybe i will say more later.


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