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tired. sleepy. groggy. wanted the cubs to win and they lost it in the 10th inning. i wish games could go 9, not 10...or end by 11:00 not 12:00. i really need a break from ball. i doubt ill get one before the weekend. granted, this is my choice...nobody is telling me i have to sit and watch all these games.

before the start of the game my door buzzed. i was almost asleep so this was good. i grabbed a t-shirt and buzzed the surprise guest in. it turned out to be meghan...confession...she has been over a couple times since the exchange. we hung out and watched some of the game and a portion of the real world. it was fun. things are weird but worth working on.

so...i also managed yesterday to do laundry and finally get an oil change. the car went 6000 miles without one and this morning the car seemed so satisfied to have new juice.

this weekend is looking good. of course i have baseball. friday night meghan and i are going to go to cedar point for scary coasters! saturday i want to go see trailer bride at the beachland and on sunday i am going to the congress with meghan. i feel good. if i manage to go to the beachland then i will fulfill that october bit about coasters, horses, ball and rock.


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