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such an interesting word. most companies come with a mission...or better yet a MISSION STATEMENT...maybe i need a mission...i don't really know...i mean, a mission is something i would set out to accomplish...almost like an activity...yet mission is something far greater...its almost a secret, or a mission statement...basically what i want to do...or something like that...i think that i will gnaw on this for the moment and carry it towards and through my weekend. perhaps by monday i will have some sort of mission statement. stay tuned for that.

red sox they need to win and then lose in the world series to the cubs...whatever fool told me that the sox would take the cubs in people are crazy.

survivor is nutty...good enough to hate...bad enough to love...yep, could be the best one yet.

meghan came for a visit. she was all smiles seeing as how she rocked out on her draft paper for media criticism..she scored a 40 out of 40 and was written the note OUTSTANDING.

we had chinese and listened to the new belle. its all i could have hoped for. my foot taps in anticipation of the next listen.

tonight we go to cedar point. monsters and coaster and cider.

tony is excited.


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