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first...i would like to say thanks to the cravens for having me over for game 1 and dinner last night... now...about last night


an 8 run 8th inning and the marlins beat the cubs. it was unreal. while watching the game i was reading my journal from october of 97...the year the indians lost to the marlins in game 7 of the world series. that still hurts.

so...later today is game 6 of the redsox/yankees...yankees are up takes place at yankee stadium...not that home field has really mattered...but it is yankee stadium.

following that, the cubs take on the marlins in game 7. kerry wood is pitching, it should be a done deal. last night mark prior pitched and that should have finished it. basically it can go either way.

summary? if the cubs lose and the yankees win i will not watch baseball until spring. for starters, i am tired of seeing the yankees in the world series and i cant even begin to think of watching florida...the highlight real would show cleveland again and again...not going to happen, at least not for me.

i think my optomism is fading.

go cubs.


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