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cubs lost. last night after kerry wood cracked the 3 run homer my phone rings. matt called..."dude, history is being made...get over here" i flew to sloops house. matt, ken, ben, tom and i was bad. really bad in the 8th when they replayed the indians losing in 97 to the marlins.

oh well.

i feel for the fan who caught the unfair if anything happens to him. i would have caught that ball. i believe anyone would have.

tonight i am going to watch survivor and some of the yankees game.

on another note

my behavior sucks. i dont know what to do about it...i am a good guy at heart but i have a problem with letting little things eat away at me...then i make them bigger and then i explode.

it ruins things.

it ruins things that could be perfect.

i only realize it after.


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