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marlins lost after a rain delay. why start the game at 8:32? i mean, people least some people have to get to bed at a reasonable time...then compound that with a 40 minute delay...

so...yesterday i did laundry. that was fine. during my wash cycle i walked home to change clothes. put on jeans and a T.

walked back with a plan to pay a parking ticket...i had $17.00.

i get back for the dry cycle and go into my wallet...i only had $2.00. shit. I figured on two - lost the money while walking. two - still in pants at i went back home...sure enough, all balled up was the $17.00.

managed to still have enough time to walk back, jump in the car, pay the fine, and have two minutes left in the dry cycle.

after that i went home. wrote a letter. took a walk. watched a few espisodes of 6 ft. under, a little baseball, some real world/newylweds...more ball and then bed.


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