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time changes.

so...what a weekend. first off, i was supposed to record the TonyMedaProject album yesterday afternoon. Friday I get a call that the only time it can be done is friday night. so, friday night i recorded 9 songs for the album. Saturday i spent a few hours with ben doing mixing and some backing vocals. spent yesterday with cliff creating the cd cover, credits and labels, along with burning copies.

i have no idea how i would have done everything yesterday. glad that it all happened though.

someday soon ill give some info how you can own snootyboy and the Lovegirls.

rest of the weekend...tom and i went to the 5 o'clock friday...had a couple beers and then went out for food.

saturday i skipped the akron party and instead watched baseball and ate pizza. the marlins won. game was pretty great. glad that baseball is over. glad that the next 6 months i can skip over the sports page. really glad that baseball is over.

yesterday i finished watching the 1st season of 6 ft. under. really enjoy that show, grabs at all the emotions.

thats really been it.


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