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a rock and roll weekend made the end of roctober amazingly fantastic.

the show at the beachland was great. i had a decent time playing. kristin was quick to mention that i did not seem as happy as past performances. she was correct but i still gave 150% of pure project stylings.

the IT MEN were fantastic. i was happy to do some backing vocals for them.

after the beachland...i'll get to that at another time.

saturday was spent with me being hungover. it was to hard for me to admit, but i was bad off.

saturday night i had a date. i took meghan out for dinner. we went to the wasn't all that great. we picked up some gummi for desert and went back to my place to watch willard...willard was cool. cool and to watch. i want a pet rat.

picked up the gbv new box set yesterday.

hung with the horses.

got to spend some time with meghan. feel lucky to be able to do that.

yep...a great weekend.


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