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so...last night was yet another gbv show.

i didnt have that usual gusto going for me...even sitting around listening to them didnt do much. dont know if it was the lack of tim tobias or what but i wasnt interested.

meghan went with me...she was more into HENRY SNODGRASS then the idea of the show...i believe she said that she was apathetic towards the whole thing.

we showed up at the grog at 9:00. i bought us a couple beers. I bumped into cliff bailey and we discussed marriage, belle and sebastian and friendster.

the opening band was the go. they werent half bad...a good bar band but the set went on a tad lengthy...

during that set i bought us a couple more beers...they were on a nice discount so between sets i bought us 2 more us 4 each total...making the prospect of seeing gbv more enjoyable.

the band was introduced one by one...a neat little thing...they kicked the night off with finks...a song on the new box set...they followed that with Queen of cans and Jars off B1000. Early in the set they also did Idiot of my favorite EP songs...i was thrilled.

we stood right between nate and bob...closer to nate. we had the advantage of being able to see a majority of the set list.

only a few songs in the early goings didnt come with the stamina that i wanted...but the beer shut the door on that.

bob was being more than generous when it came to passing out beers...the guy next to me was able to get 4 and he shared those with us.

eventually bob handed 2 beers to us. that was cool cause he went directly for us...all the shows are starting to pay off.

trophy mule was terrific. so was skills like this, goldheart mountain top and as we go up...not to mention get under it.

the show was stellar...gbv was on. bob was in typical good spirits...ohio is filled with assholes...from the bottom to the top.

meghan was supposed to get the set list from the girls in the gbv camp but some crazy melee during echos myron ended that...funny...2 times she gets promised a list and 2 times something goes wrong...

i couldnt last through the encores and during tractor rape i was singing from the bathroom.

somehow i made it back to the front of the stage for the melee...thats when i realized after everything was finished that another set list was over by Kevin's i went and grabbed that. sometime after that i had a conversation with doug gillard...which was cool.

leaving the show we saw a guy who was selling poster prints of the show. if i hadnt been a tad on the drunk side i would have kept going but instead i rummaged through the wallet and found 10.00...looking at the print now i am really glad that i picked it up.

overall this was a good gbv show...finally a different set list...i think that i will end up seeing them a few more times.


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