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i am not a fan of winter. sure, i like to ice skate, sled ride...but when it is just plain cold...i can do without. the only thing that i enjoy is busting out the sweaters. nothing like the seasonal debut of sweater tony. i have always felt that i look so much better when wearing a sweater.

my first gbv show of the new year will take place on january 24th...the excitement is already building.

i watched 24 last night. the episode had a decent enough ending to bring me back for more.

hooked up the atari and brushed up on some skills.

listened to yo la tengo for the first time since that they used to be such a favorite of mine...either way, last night they sounded terrific.

had quiznos for dinner. not every night can be home cooked. dealt with the fools at the cvs.

on a great note, i filled my tank for 1.26 a gallon...

epiphany? married? would have married me?


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