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this is the first year in about 4 that i have the day following christmas off. actually, from 10:30 am on the 23rd until 6:00 am on the 29th...i have off.

for the past few weeks friends of mine have been debating on a time for us to all hang out...i have friends from all over that are going to be in town for the week...the same friends that came in for matt and kristins wedding. the friends of 5 years or more...the real friends.

we have tossed around bars, houses, and even renting a small hall...we have dropped cities like kent, lakewood, cleveland and tremont.

if you ask me just hanging out is enough...but that is just me.

i put my vote in for the to be decided.

now i need to plan new years. that might take place on the upper west side in a small one bedroom apartment with gbv on the stereo.


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