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im my complete "i need roots rock...give me americana...give me alt country...give me something that kicks ass and is bittersweet"....yep, ryan adams and wilco are about all my ears have been handeling.

so...since neither ryan nor wilco are coming anywhere near here...i am taking the next best thing...

a band called the damnwells...which features ex-whiskeytown members {see the ryan adams connection} is playing here on Thursday...local openers/faithful friends The Dreadful Yawns are wilco a way i am getting what i want...i close my eyes long enough, swing back a few beers and i'll be on my way to hotel arizona while she steals my records.

the only shit thing about is that happens thursday...and its only tuesday.

so until then i'll just keep listening, checking pollstar for tourdates, and try to keep my "he gets to sleep with parker posey" ordeal at a minimum.


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